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Insulated Drainage Panel.Technical Documents

GeoTech Insulated Drainage Panel was the first of its kind as a sheet drain when it was first offered in 1983, and continues to have unique advantages over other systems that have emerged since then:

  • It is compressible, and can serve as a compressible inclusion
  • It is an insulator, having an "R" value of 3.5 per inch.
  • It can accommodate ANY geotextile that may be required for a given soil type.

The drainage panels are manufactured in sheets measuring 4' x 4' on edge, and in thicknesses varying from 2 inches up to 24 inches. They are temporarily fixed to the below grade wall with either an adhesive or "Stick Clips".

Close-up of Drainage Panel.The Insulated Drainage panels have been used successfully to relieve hydrostatic pressure and earth pressure in the following type of applications


Transmissivity Data (IAW ASTM 4716)

Acoustical test on Drainage Panel Material (1987)

Application Data:

Spec Data Sheet: Drainage Panel (75K pdf)

Information on our Insulated Drainage panel. Contains detailed design guidance, updated test result data.3 pages with illustrations, tables,and graphs, and design guidelines.

Installation Method: Drainage Panel (63K pdf)

One sheet of guidance for the storage of and installation of Drainage Panel, with illustration.


Insulated Drainage Geocomposite (11K pdf)

This is a generic specification for use when specifying GeoTech's Insulated Drainage Panel.
3 pages without illustrations.


Drainage Panel-E (environment) (html)

Laboratory Testing has shown that Drainage Panel and Drainage Board can be manufactured from select recycled EPS.

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To obtain a free Reader, follow this link:  Get Acrobat Reader.


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