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GeoTech Systems Corporation offers the complete line of accessories for installing our products.

Geofoam Accessories:

Gripper Plates: These are used in the assembly of Geofoam Embankments, in order to hold the blocks tightly together during construction. They also provide some degree of lateral stability to a constructed embankment, although this is hard to quantify. As a general rule, 2 to 3 plates should be used for every 8' block of Geofoam in a structure.

Gripper Plates.

Insulated Drainage Panel/TerraFlex/Geoinclusion® Accessories

Stick Clips: These are used for holding panels to a vertical surface where an adhesive cannot be used. They have foam tape on the back of their base and can be used with a washer. They should be used in quantities of 2-4 per panel, depending on the panel thickness (weight).

Note: These are no longer available through Geotech Systems Corporation.

Stick Clips.

Geotextile: The standard non-woven geotextile laminated to the Insulated Drainage Panel (and GeoInclusion). GeoTech utilizes Number 4 by WebTec.


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