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Drainage Panel Graphs

The following graph shows the performance characteristics of GeoTech's Insulated Drainage Panel. It has been recently tested in accordance with ASTM 4716, including long term transmissivity, and the performance is shown below. All transmissivity values have been reduced by 33% to account for creep, which has been measured in accordance with ASTM 1621.

It is important to note that GeoTech Drainage Panel does NOT come in only one sheet thickness. The transmissivity is a function of the sheet thickness as shown below, and must be selected by the designer to match the requirements of his application. For residential applications, thickness of 2" to 3" are typical. For deeper, commercial applications, thicknesses of 4" to 8" are used, although in this case the "GeoInclusion" is often used as a less expensive alternative.

The instructions for the use of this graph in selecting a thickness (as well as the graph itself) is available in Spec Data Sheet: Drainage Panel.

iTransmissivity Data.

The following graph shows the sound absorption properties of the GeoTech Insulated Drainage Panel. All of GeoTech's products are useful in noise and/or vibration suppression installations.

Acoustical test on Drainage Panel Material.

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