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BASF Library

The following documents are offered, with permission of BASF, to the community for their information. All of these papers are also available in Spanish or German. If you are interested in additional information or a translation, contact GeoTech at

In the following papers, BASF refers to their EPS Geofoam as "Styropor," just as we refer to EPS Geofoam on this site as "TerraLite™." Many of the properties described herein apply equally to GeoTech's TerraFlex™ which is manufactured from TerraLite™ EPS Geofoam.

To view many of these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

To obtain a free Reader, follow this link:  Get Acrobat Reader.

BASF 101: Properties- General

This summarizes all the mechanical, chemical, and thermodynamic properties of EPS Geofoam. PDF, 349K

BASF 120: Resistance to Chemicals of Expanded Materials

This comprehensive table lists well over 100 substances and their degree of interaction with EPS Geofoam. PDF, 140K.

BASF 121: Resistance of Expanded Materials to Animal and Vegetable Pests

This paper addresses the known hazards presented by the animal and vegetable kingdom to the long term integrity of EPS Geofoam. TerraLite™ has a mineral additive that eliminates the insect hazard. PDF, 102K

BASF 130: Fire Behavior of foam Styropor.

This paper provides information related to the flammability of EPS Geofoam. Since all TerraLite™ is made from flame retardant bead, it is slightly LESS flammable than ordinary wood (and much more clean burning!) PDF, 224K

BASF 140: Resistance to Aging and Long Term Performance

This paper reviews all known aspects of the aging properties of TerraLite™. Punch line- Aside from some water absorption, there is virtually no change in the material properties in the material, as verified in over 30 years of sampling existing projects. PDF, 460K

BASF 141: Intermediate Aging of Expanded Materials

Another Paper discussing the durability of EPS Geofoam. PDF, 156K

BASF 180: Expanded Styropor and its Impact on the Environment

BASF 181: Styropor Foam- Ecological Aspects

The above two papers provide some analysis of the impact of TerraLite™ EPS geofoam use on the environment as well as some discussion on the recycling of the material. PDF, 187K and 145K

BASF 198: Main Properties

Summary Table, similar to information in BASF 101. PDF, 204K

BASF 421: Impact Sound Insulation under Floor Tiles

This is a paper on the use of ELASTICIZED EPS Geofoam (TerraFlex) as a sound isolation material. Includes data on sound absorption properties as well as some construction details. Interesting. PDF, 652K.

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