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Drainage Panel-E (environment)

Laboratory Testing has shown that Drainage Panel and Drainage Board can be manufactured from select recycled EPS.

Cross Sectional View of Drainage Panel-E.This offers the following advantages:
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Less Waste from Manufacturing
  • Less Energy used in Production

Environmentally Friendly!

GeoTech (and its licensees) will be migrating to this manufacturing technique as existing stockpiles of the original raw materials are depleted.

Since the transmissivity properties are virtually identical, there is no change to the design process needed. DP-E can be used interchangeably with the original Drainage Panel , in any thickness.

The basic raw material from which GeoTech Drainage Board is manufactured, EPS, is the most environmentally gentle high performance plastic insulation available in the market place today. Its blowing agent, Pentane, is a very low level VOC unlike the CFCs and HCFCs employed in competing similar materials. GeoTech Drainage Panel has an R value of 3.5 per inch, thereby offering a return on investment when used against below grade heated spaces.

Transmissivity Test.
April 2000 Test Results

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